Information about the website

Below you'll find some details regarding the website.

Who maintains this service?

A private individual.

Will it cost me to place an ad or to look through them?

No. The website doesn't have any services that will cost you.

Why was the website set up?

I created this website so that tenants and landlords could find each other without expensive intermediaries.

I have always lived in rented appartments. I felt that the current services on the internet all lack something; when it is easy to add a notification, it is clumsy to look through them. The sites that are technically well made require registration, and most ads you see there are placed by agencies.

Are you responsible for the accuracy of the notifications?

No. This page acts only as a tool for communication. The users of this website should excericise normal caution when contacting appartment owners and possible tenants.

How do I remove an ad that I placed earlier?

You can see the link "Remove notification" on the menu. To remove your ad, you will need the removal code that was given to you when you added your notification. With the code the site can verify that it is really you who is removing your ad. If the code has gone missing, and you absolutely can not find it, send me e-mail.

Notifications older than four months will be removed automatically.

What do I do if I find a bug, have suggestions etc?

Contact me by e-mail ( I am not a professional programmer, so I would be grateful for any suggestions. I will be developing the site from time to time.